The Hydrophilic Probe Demonstration Project

The Hydrophilic Logging Tool demonstration project supported by the Research Council of Norway and five fine operators in the North Sea has started! All contracts have been signed and the project is progressing according to plan. In the project we will build and test a Hydrophilic prototype wireline tool during the next two years. 

Solveig Riisøen joins Hydrophilic

Today Solveig Riisøen starts her career with Hydrophilic. Solveig has been selected to become a part of the initial team that will lead the company into the future. Solveig Riisøen has the technical expertise, the skills and the personality needed to be a part of the Hydrophilic team. After finishing her Master´s degree in Petroleum


Joint Industry Project

A Joint Industry Project (JIP) have been agreed between Hydrophilic (Contractor) and five oil companies: Aker BP, ConocoPhillips, Faroe Petroleum, OMV and Statoil. The Project will continue through 2019 and the objective is to mature “The Hydrohilic Probe” technology towards field testing. Main project activities will take place at IRIS, Aarbakke Innovations, CoreLab (Aberdeen) and



Han har gjort en oppdagelse som han mener kan endre hele oljebransjen. Trond Rolfsvåg fra Tananger klarte ikke å slå seg til ro med at det han lærte på skolen var riktig. Nå er han i ferd med å utvikle et verktøy som han mener kan bety milliardbesparelser for oljeselskapene. Les artikkelen her.


IRIS Report

IRIS has reviewed the work performed at Strathclyde University, done their own theoretical assessment and simulation work (Maximize®). IRIS concluded that: “Hydrophilic concept is both theoretically valid and practically feasible for estimating the Free-Water-Level in a HC reservoir” Visit their website here.


Aarbakke Innovation Report

Aarbakke Innovation (AAI) has previously conducted a conceptual study on how to build a wire-line tool to perform the measurement with The Hydrophilic Probe. The report give detailed drawings for a laboratory test rig for The Hydrophilic Probe. Visit their website here.